Smart wine cabinet, wine barrel machine control board, circuit board microcomputer board, design, development and production

2020-08-28 11:10:48 fandoukeji

Smart wine cabinet wine barrel machine control board circuit board microcomputer board design, development and production

v LED digital screen highlight display;

v Touch button control;

v High stability MCU microprocessor, realize precise control of microcomputer;

v The wine is controlled by MCU microchip. The specific functions are described as follows:

v Red wine key: when pressing some keys, only red wine is output;

v White wine button: When pressing some buttons, only white wine will be output;

v Both keys: wine is randomly selected by the machine;

v Lock one of the wines (for example, after locking the red wine, the wine cannot be controlled;

v According to the demand, freely choose the amount of liquor (large, medium, and small liquor output);

The above functions are for reference only, and control circuit boards for household appliances/automobiles/medical electronics can be customized according to customer's functional requirements