Automatic dimming mask program development

2020-08-28 11:17:28 fandoukeji

Automatic dimming mask program development

Function Description:

① Sensitivity adjustment

② Arc light detection

③ Shading number setting

④ Color number setting

⑤ Return time setting

⑥ Button mode setting

⑦ LCD display

⑧ Negative high voltage generating circuit

Feature description:

① The user has a good human-computer interaction platform

② Improve the speed of signal acquisition and processing

③ Make the system structure compact

④ Lithium battery power supply, immediately enter the reduced power consumption standby mode without operation, and automatically shut down after 10 minutes without receiving the arc signal.

⑤ With different duty ratios of PWM, light-shading and voltage-adjusting are realized, and light transmittance can be adjusted.