Electronic cigarette solution development

2020-08-28 11:18:20 hongling

Electronic cigarette solution development

Circuit board development parameters:

1. Program introduction: EGO electronic cigarette program combines modern microelectronics technology, mechanical structure and preparation technology.

2. Product advantages: Intelligent processing module, control module, execution module, charging management module, lithium-ion battery and other electronic components, through the detection of human smoking action, use two LED lights to simulate the state of fireworks. This solution uses a dedicated chip design for electronic cigarettes, and uses a PWM module to control LED lights to indicate working status. Compared with the functions of similar products, our company has added the functions of battery overcharging, overdischarging, heating device short circuit protection, low voltage indication, etc., which is safer and more reliable.

3. Product design features: A. Power supply: single-cell lithium polymer battery, which can be recharged and used; B. LED light display: i. When smoking, the light turns on, and when you stop smoking, the light turns off; ii. Smoking time is over Long (more than 10 seconds), the LED light flashes to alarm; iii. If the smoking frequency is too fast, the LED light flashes to alarm; iv. Low voltage warning, the LED light flashes C. Use a common power negative pole.

4. Using a dedicated electronic cigarette chip, the sensitivity of the electronic trigger switch and the number of LED flashes can be changed according to customer requirements, and the program can be customized for customers.

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