Development of motor speed control board scheme

2020-08-28 11:23:31 hongling

Development of motor speed control board scheme

Development technical parameter description:


◆ Support voltage 9V~36V, undervoltage protection

◆ Continuous load current 12A (no heat dissipation), 15A (simple heat dissipation), 20A (thick large heat sink)

◆ Similar to L298 drive logic, three-wire control of speed regulation, forward and reverse rotation and braking

◆ Support full PWM, you can directly use the button to control the forward and reverse rotation, the effective range of PWM is 0.1%~100.0%

◆ It can provide 5V power for microcontrollers and other controllers

◆ Interface ESD protection

◆ Very small size, only 5.5cm×5.5cm

 Principle overview

This H-bridge module uses a combination of gate circuit, half-bridge drive chip and MOS tube to realize motor forward and reverse, braking and speed regulation control. It has the characteristics of fast response, stability and reliability, and large drive current.

Input logic decoding: Use gate circuit to realize decoding similar to L298 input signal logic to half-bridge driver chip input logic.

H-bridge realization method: use two half-bridge professional driver chips to drive the MOS tube, which is efficient and reliable; use all N-type MOS tubes to form the H-bridge, which has a large output current.

Control circuit power supply: Use switching power supply chip to provide 5V power supply for internal control circuit, wide input voltage range and low heat.

Realization of under-voltage protection: Use reset chip to realize under-voltage protection, when under-voltage, turn off the output.

Signal port coupling: The input signal/5V power output port and the internal circuit are consumed by interference consumption and transient interference suppression methods. The 5V power supply can be directly supplied for external use without causing the microcontroller to run away.

External interference suppression: ESD protection devices and electrostatic discharge circuits are used to protect all interfaces from ESD, so that internal circuits work stably and protect internal devices from being damaged by transient high-voltage static electricity applied to the interface.

technical parameter:

Project parameters

Power input voltage

DC 6.5V~41V

Rated output current 12A (can be without heat sink)

15A (simple cooling device)

Output current

20A (need to add large and thick radiator)

Peak current 110A

Output Power

12V 180W

24V 360W

36V 540W

5V power output current 500mA

The input signal port accepts the voltage range -0.5V~5.5V, above this range, a current limiting resistor is required

Logic level voltage range 0≤VIL≤0.8V, 2.5V≤VIH≤5.5V

Control signal current 50uA

PWM effective range 0.1%~100.0%

PWM minimum effective pulse width 200ns

Working temperature -25℃~85℃

Dimensions 5.5cm×5.5cm×2cm

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