The development and design of the control panel of the range hood

2020-08-28 11:35:58 fandoukeji

The development and design of the control panel of the range hood

Function description of range hood controller

Display mode: two digital tubes display timing time, wind speed, and light status. Three groups of LEDs display wind speed (flashing fast/slow according to wind speed).

One: The priority display order of the digital tube: A. Timing time. B: The way shown below.

Two: control method:

(1). On/off button: plug in the mains, press this button once and the buzzer will beep twice in succession. The digital tube will display in a continuous loop in the sequence as shown below until any function key is pressed.

A2 A1 F1 E1 D1

B2 C2 D2

(2). Light on/off key: control the light on/off. Press once to make a beep.

The code tube G1C1D1E1G2C2D2E2 lights up for three seconds and then turns to <一>B mode display.

(3). Timing plus key: control time plus, each time you press a beep

"00 99" is incremented. When "00" is displayed, it will beep twice.

(4) Timing minus key: Class (3) point, when the time is reached, it will automatically shut down after three beeps. (Note: Press and hold the time key to continuously increase/decrease).

(5).Quick key: control the operation of the fan motor, press this key once to emit a "beep" and display "HH" for three seconds and then switch to <一>B mode display, three groups of LED lights flash quickly, press this again The key L emits a beep, the LED light is off, and the digital tube is still in <一>B display state, interlocking with (6).

(6). Slow key: same as point (5), display "LL", interlock with (5).

(7). Automatic cleaning button: No matter it is turned off, fast or slow, press this button to make a "beep",

Enter the state. At the same time delay for three seconds and output 15 seconds of high level. At the same time, use a group of LED lights to flash 18 times at the clock frequency. When the time is reached, it will automatically shut down. In the cleaning process, except for the "on/off" button and "cleaning" Other function keys do not work.

(8) When all the above function keys are in the shutdown state, press any key to enter the working state.

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