One-stop development of background software and hardware for remote light control system APP applet

2020-08-28 11:36:44 fandoukeji

Automatic switch light detection

Remote monitoring of field equipment

The system has 4 switch status inputs to detect the actual switch status of the line. Users can remotely monitor the real switch status of field devices

Dual communication remote control, ultra-wide voltage working time period, arbitrary setting, function range setting

The built-in input voltage is 85-305 through the factory standard

When 32 switches are built in the device

Wireless GPRS big data flow

VAC ultra-wide voltage range

Interval, and can be divided arbitrarily

Card to connect the device to the

Can work normally, can be suitable

Allocate different circuits to meet

Management center for wireless remote

For various complex grids

Application requirements of various industries

Process control

Full digital illuminance, automatic charging and backup, all-round isolation

Sensor interface



Equipment configuration full digital lighting

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

System components are fully isolated

Degree sensor interface, daylighting

Pool to ensure the normal operation of the system

Mode, system security,

more precise

Operation, the power-down duration can be

Higher stability and reliability

Up to 1 year or more