One-stop development of back-end software and hardware for smart homestay APP applet

2020-08-28 11:49:15 fandoukeji

One-stop development of back-end software and hardware for smart homestay APP applet

B&B products non-standardized B&Bs are essentially non-standardized hotel products, and the personalization of products and the diversification of carriers have become the main trend of current development

Diversification of operating entities) The operating entity of the homestay hotel has expanded from the original family hotel aborigines to a wide range of homestay main operation management cluster operation management has gradually become the core of the development process of homestays, and it is built with professional closed learning and community culture. Is the top priority of operations

Capital involvement in scale) is subject to various constraints in the countryside, subject to various complexes with large input and slow output, investing in small and beautiful homestays and inns is undoubtedly the ideal of light assets and quick benefits for the capital side Platform, the unprecedented prosperity of Capital Jieren Homestay

Under the background of changes in the market's macroeconomic environment, consumption upgrades, and star-rated hotels facing product iterations, homestays entered the domestic market in 2013 and became a major outlet in 2017, rapidly gaining blowout development. According to statistics, as of the end of 2018, there were 50,200 guest houses and homestays in the mainland, which has grown to 200,000 so far. The rapid development of the homestay industry not only meets the new demands of the contemporary vacation market, but also meets many demands of the tourism industry's supply-side structural reforms, innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 Swipe ID card to unlock directly (information synchronization database)

2Mobile APP authentication verification real-name authentication (solving the pain points of not being supervised)

3Online room selection, real-time maintenance information

4 Connect with other intelligent hardware, which can be extended to connect with air conditioners, lights, etc. (Internet of Things)

5Remote registration

6 No need to urge the lease, it will automatically expire when it expires