Circuit board design of oven PCB circuit board

2020-08-28 11:42:57 hongling

Technical parameters of oven PCB circuit board circuit board scheme:

1. Voltage range: AC100~240V

2. Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

3. Storage environment: temperature is -20℃~105℃; humidity is less than 95%RH

4. Operating environment: the highest ambient temperature is 105℃; humidity is less than 95%RH

The functional description of the circuit board design of the oven PCB circuit board:

1. Timing function: It can realize timing baking, appointment baking, and alarm functions.

2. Baking mode: any combination of upper heating, lower heating and back heating can be realized.

3. Convection fan auxiliary function: through the intelligent control of the convection fan, the auxiliary heating tube achieves uniform heating effect.

4. Rotating function of barbecue spit: Rotate and roast food to achieve the effect of even heating of food.

5. Menu function: The best heating mode and time for a specific food can be set in advance and stored, and the menu program can be called directly to work when the machine is turned on next time.

6. Self-cleaning function: make cooking dirt and debris burned at a temperature of about 500 ℃.

7. Meat stick temperature measurement function: realize intelligent control according to the temperature of the meat stick temperature sensor.

8. Humidification function: spray steam to humidify food at a predetermined time. Ensure the humidity of the food surface.

9. Child lock function: to prevent misoperation.

10. Cooling fan: can automatically switch according to the temperature to achieve the cooling effect.

11. Fault alarm function: After a fault occurs, it can stop and alarm and display the fault code. Ensure the safety of man and machine.

12. LED digital display, LCD liquid crystal display.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different oven control panels, different use environments, and different functional requirements, and can issue a hardware configuration book.

As long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to achieve the functions you want.

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