Microwave induction lamp scheme MCU development

Microwave induction lamp scheme MCU developmentOne: product name;1.1: Microwave induction lampTwo: Technical parameters:2.1: Input voltage/power Source: 200-270V/AC2.2: Power Frequency/Power Frequency

Microwave induction lamp scheme MCU development

One: product name;

1.1: Microwave induction lamp

Two: Technical parameters:

2.1: Input voltage/power Source: 200-270V/AC

2.2: Power Frequency/Power Frequency: 50/60HZ

2.3: Work load/Rated Load: MAX: 1200W Resistive load MAX: 400W Inductive load

2.4: Detection Range/Detection Range: 360°

2.5: Working Temperature: -45℃-----+85℃

2.6: Standby Power consumption: within 300uA

2.7: Detection Distance/Detection Distance: 0-12M adjustable

2.8: Delay time/Time Setting: 10sec-30min adjustable

2.9: Illumination/Light Control: 5-2000lux adjustable

2.10: Installation Height: 1-4M

Three: Function description:

3.1: Switch function.

3.1.1: Manually turn on/off the power supply 3 times within 3 seconds, the load light enters the constant light mode (100 hours can be set), here

During this period, manually turn on/off the power once within 1 second, cancel the constant light mode, and enter the normal sensing state.

3.3.2: Manually turn on/off the power twice within 2 seconds, learn and record the ambient light value at this time, when the setting panel

When the setting button on the surface is not activated, the light intensity of the induction at this time shall prevail.

3.2: Lighting function: When the ambient light is lower than the set light, turn on the light.

3.3: Sensing function: When the light intensity meets the setting, when someone or an object moves, the light is turned on.

3.4: Zero-crossing detection: Through the zero-point detection, the current through the contacts at the moment of closing can be minimized and extended

The service life of the relay.

3.5: Synchronization function: multiple sensors control one lamp, trigger one, and the others will light up.


Microwave induction lamp scheme MCU development