Development of learning remote control MCU

Development of learning remote control MCUFunction parameter description:Working voltage: DC12VQuiescent current: noneReceiving frequency: 315MHZReceiving sensitivity: -105dBTransmitter technical para

Development of learning remote control MCU

Function parameter description:

Working voltage: DC12V

Quiescent current: none

Receiving frequency: 315MHZ

Receiving sensitivity: -105dB

Transmitter technical parameters

Transmission distance: 20-200 meters (different voltage, different effect)

Working voltage: 12V

Power supply mode: dry battery

Transmission frequency: 315MHZ

1. Brief description of working principle:

It is sensed by the receiver on the transmitting remote control signal. When it is very close to the transmitter, the field strength is very high and can be detected. We designed this model according to this principle to have a receiving mode and a transmitting mode. The MCU learns the signal and stores it. After completion Switch to transmission mode, then call out the response internal code and transmit it through the matching antenna.

2. Operation instructions:

1. Clear the existing code

Press and hold the S1 button above and the S2 button on the top row at the same time, make sure that the LED flashes once and then goes out without letting go. After 2 seconds, the LED light starts to flash, which indicates that the code has been cleared.

2. Copy other address codes

Take the original remote control in the left hand and our self-test in the right hand. The two remote controls are as close as possible. Press one of the two remote control lock buttons (S3, S4, S5, S6) at the same time, and the LED light will keep flashing after 3 S, which indicates that the original lock button code has been learned by our self-examination.

The other 3 keys are the same operation.

This learning method can be changed according to your chip requirements

3. Restore the wrong operation code

When you accidentally clear the self-copying code, you can press the start (bell) and mute (lightning) at the same time, the LED will light up after 3 seconds, and then flash quickly, which indicates that the self-copy code has been restored.

Before using our self-copy to copy, please be sure to clear the existing code of self-copy.

The following is a method to test whether the existing code of self-copy has been successfully cleared:

When you finish clearing the code, you can press any key of the self-copying. If the LED flashes at this time, it is off and not on, it means that the self-copying code has been completely cleared. Bright state instead of flashing.

Range of use: Almost all frequency fixed codes and learning codes on the market can be copied (refer to the detailed description below for specific operation methods), that is, one of the two remote controls must be able to transmit normally, and the other remote control is empty. The remote control requires six buttons or more to copy.

The identification method of the working frequency and the coding chip model is as follows, and those that meet the requirements can be copied: take the most common fixed code or learning code as an example, open the shell and see the sound meter component on the circuit board (like a small metal button or The value on the component similar to crystal oscillator has the word 315, such as R315A, it means the operating frequency is 315M, and the operating frequency is 315M. At present, most of the frequencies on the market are 315M and 433M, accounting for 98% of the market, and a small amount of 330M , 390M, 430M and other frequencies.


Development of learning remote control MCU